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These self-contained, self-feeding units eliminate costly, problematic methods of feeding the granulator. You will no longer need noisy, space-consuming trim or bottle venturi systems. High-maintenance feed rolls are a thing of the past. Valuable floor space, consumed by belt conveyors can be reclaimed. Expensive rotary airlocks are no longer necessary.

The result is a complete, affordable size reduction system that is compact, uses significantly less energy than typical granulating systems, and greatly reduces maintenance, downtime, and the expenses associated with it.

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Image of Veloci-Cutter | Sterling Blower | Forest, VAThe Veloci-Cutter comes with an unmatched 2-year warranty! A single unit is capable of processing many different materials. They are ideal for:

  • continuous flow edge trim
  • scrap bottles
  • tabs, tails, moils, reamer scrap
  • punch-outs
  • small parts
  • runners and sprues
  • regrind for secondary size reduction

Maintenance is a snap as no hand tools are required for accessing the interior for cleaning or other maintenance. A drop-down screen cradle is standard. They also feature a tilt-back hopper, which opens above the rotor, providing easy access to the interior for clean-out or knife adjustment.

The Veloci-Cutter is available in 4 sizes for throughput rates of up to 600 pounds/hour. An electrical starter package is standard, with interlocks for operator safety.

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