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In staying in step with Post Consumer Plastics Recycling, our Elutriator is a highly efficient, reliable method for separating material of varying bulk density. Its functions include separating light-weight contaminants from heavier material or heavy-weight contaminants from lighter material. From PET Bottle Recycling to Carpet Recycling or Plastics Recycling, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve designed the system to incorporate “simplicity of operation” with “set and lock” inlet gate features to control material flow and separation. The system can be fed directly from a granulator, bin, or other source, eliminating the need for airlock valves, screeners, or other costly, high-maintenance mechanical equipment. It can even be integrated with your existing granulator / blower systems. Because the components of the Elutriation system are modular, we can design a custom layout, utilizing the space that is available to you.

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Diagram of an elutriator | Sterling Blower | Forest, VA

Available Options

With 10 standard sizes available with throughput rates ranging in excess of 10,000 pounds per hour, the Elutriation system can be used for an unlimited number of applications and material, including:

• plastic bottle recycling • carpet and carpet tile recycling • polystyrene foam • garden, radiator, and hydraulic hose tires

Can be used to separate:

• fiber from plastic • paper form plastic • fiber from rubber • paper from metal

In order to provide a complete turn-key solution to your material separation needs, we also offer the following options to go along with the Elutriation system:

• interconnecting tubing and fittings • filter head for the cyclone – for dust collection • sound dampening package – includes sound enclosures and duct • silencers for the blowers • electrical control package – includes two (2) motor starters • NeutraStat static elimination package – for use with materials prone to static build-up • stainless steel construction Easy clean out features available on all components to provide convenient access for clean out between material runs

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