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As a complete supplier of material handling systems, Sterling Systems offers the following products and services:

Blowers – a complete line of blowers for material conveying and material handling

Cyclones – for material conveying and material handling

Blower/Cyclone Combo’s – compact granulator evacuation systems

Elutriation System – for separating materials of varying densities

• Surge Bins – Material Storage Bins available in many sizes

Scrap Parts Conveying – Equipment to recover your scrap effectively

Finished Parts Transfer System – for conveying your finished parts

Veloci-Cutter – self-feeding size reduction system for trim and scrap parts

Auxiliary Extrusion Equipment – our complete line of downstream extrusion equipment

System Accessories – the essentials used to enhance and complete oursystems

R&D Testing Facility – we offer a no-cost /no-obligation test of your material so we can provide the proper solution.

If You Need Any Material Handling Solutions ... We Are Available For You

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