Post Industrial Material Handling

If you are the owner of a plastics manufacturing plant, and you consistently hire an outside company to haul your plastic scraps and debris from your facility, you are wasting a substantial amount of money that could be used for many other costs that are associated within the normal operating expenses of your business operations. This additional money that you would be saving could be better used for things, such as payroll and transportation requirements. Sterling Systems should be your go-to business that can provide you with post industrial material handling equipment, allowing you to recycle and reprocess your plastic waste, that actually doesn’t need to be a waste, after all.

Sterling Systems is the number one rated supplier of the most reliable and durable post industrial material handling equipment and components throughout the entire area. We design and manufacture all of your handling equipment within our state-of-the-art facility, saving both time and money. The industrial materials that you used to pay to be removed from your property, can now be reused and added back into your restock inventory. This keeps your costs down considerably, and can lead to a greener and more eco-friendly end result.

Allowing us to assist you in lessening your company’s carbon footprint on our Earth, is one or the things that we are extremely proud in helping you accomplish. When your clients realize that this is one of the main objectives of your day to day business operations, they are much more likely to choose you for their needs, rather than one of your competitors. In fact, when you purchase one of our material handlers, you will see the saving to your bottom line almost immediately. In today’s competitive business market to gain every consumer dollar out there, you will reap the benefits of showing that your business is concerned with the future of our environment.

We have a full line of exceptionally built and designed material handling equipment for whatever types your company may need. We can specifically manufacture many types of material handling equipment, such as machinery that can convey scrap parts and other recyclable materials, blower and cyclone combo’s, finished parts transfer systems, and many others. Our extensive designs and completed products can handle any types of work loads that your business may needs, all at affordable prices and complete assurance that they will perform as expected.

If you would like some additional information regarding all of the systems and equipment that will expedite your post industrial material handling requirements, Sterling Systems would like to invite you to visit our web site. On, you can learn more about all of the beneficial handling systems, components and equipment that we proudly offer. On our home page, you can order from a list of several brochures that will explain in detail the advantages of our handling systems. You can also simply call us at 434.316.5310 and speak with one of our highly knowledgeable and friendly customer service reps.







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