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If your business is within the manufacturing of plastic products, you are already fully aware of the wasteful results that your finished products produce. There is a substantial amount of plastic scraps and debris that either need to be reprocessed or need to be hauled away from your premises. If you choose to hire an outside company that will remove the waste, this comes with a large price tag that your company could put to better use. By implementing one of our effective and cost efficient elutriate systems, you would be able to expedite your material handling requirements, and save a great deal of money. Sterling Systems has been proudly designing and manufacturing the most quality made and durable material handling systems for over the last one hundred years.

Sterling Systems in the known leader in the plastic handling industry, and we have made our good name known worldwide by the products and systems that we proudly stand behind. All of our handling equipment and components are made in the USA, and the materials that we provide are of the most quality made elements that are available on the market today. We also offer a full line of other types of material handling equipment, such as cyclones, blowers, combos and a vast variety of other hard working systems.

Elutriation is a materials separation method where smaller and larger elements are forced apart with the use of a column of liquid or gas. During this process, materials are fed into a rising column of a separation atmosphere. This can be something like a buffer solution or a jet of air. Small, light particles drift up in the column, while large, heavy particles sink down. This creates a series of layers of different materials and different sizes. Equipment for use in elutriation is available from Sterling Systems, and you can order your custom designed equipment for your unique applications. 

Occasionally, we offer used surplus equipment that can save you a substantial amount of money, and this equipment will still work as efficiently as all of our systems do. You can also order your spare parts directly from us, and save 5% on your purchases. We continuously strive in keeping a full line of parts and accessories within our in stock inventory, and we are consistently maintaining it with updated products. If there’s something that you require, but can not find, you can always check with us to see if we may be able to assist you.

If you would like some additional information regarding the hard working and long lasting elutriate systems that we design and develop, Sterling Systems would like to invite you to visit our web site. At sterlingblower.com, you can learn more about the benefits and advantages that our material handling systems can provide to your company. On our home page, you can leave your contact information and any questions that you may have, for a quick response. You can also simply call us at 434.316.5310, and speak with one of our professional team members.

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