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Blower conveying systems transfers powders, granules, and other dry bulk materials through an enclosed pipeline. The motive force for this transfer comes from a combination of pressure differential and the flow of a gas, such as air or nitrogen. These conveying systems are certainly beneficial to a plastics manufacturing plant that must deal with tons of plastic scraps and debris that can easily be converted back into usable materials that can produce new products. For over the last one hundred years, Sterling Systems has been providing the most effective and cost efficient blowing systems and equipment that have served thousands of our highly valued clients.

Sterling Systems is the most widely known innovator of the most durable and long lasting blower conveying systems that are on the market today. We painstakingly design, develop and manufacture our most prestigious line of products and systems that can easily process all of your material handling needs. We have the most modern and contemporary manufacturing facility that uses the most advanced and up to date technologies and materials that can be found. We also employ a full staff of highly valued technicians that have spent years in the development and utilization of our systems, and have passed on their knowledge within their work.

While some of the most common materials transferred by pneumatic conveying systems are flour, cement, sand, and plastic pellets, many hundreds of chemicals, food products, and minerals can be pneumatically conveyed, too. These materials are usually fairly dry materials, and if they were in a slurry or paste form, they typically wouldn’t be suited to pneumatic conveying. The heart of the blower conveying system is the air mover. Correctly specifying the volume of flow rate and pressure levels needed to move the material will determine your system’s reliability. You must also look at the pipe size, distance, and the weight of the material being moved. Sterling Systems specializes in designing and developing the best system for your unique applications.

Selecting the correct blower is the most important decision when designing a blower conveying system.  The rating of the blower is signified in terms of required pressure and volume of flow. Any mistakes in determining this will result in a conveying system that is either oversized, or isn’t capable of achieving the material flow rate required. Blockage can occur where the active air or gas pressure in the system is at its minimum value. The volume of flow rate from the blower depends on the diameter of the pipe being used and the speed required to transport the specified material.

If you would like some additional information regarding the most advanced and effective blower conveying systems that we manufacture, Sterling Systems would like to invite you to visit our web site. At, we can show you a more detailed description of all of our material handling equipment. On our home page, you can leave your contact information, for a quick response. You can also call us at 434.316.5310, and speak with one of our friendly and professional team members.

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